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This is RAB 9. It is available on Newgrounds released on April 2013, and also on the DVDs Every Little Something by Dave and the RAB DVD. And RAB 16 is only available on the DVD. Like episode 16, it was originally a DVD, exclusive however for RAB's 10th anniversary, Dave finally uploaded this episode to Newgrounds on April 6, 2013, RAB's 10th anniversary.

The only proof about Pirate Ship, the DVD exclusive.



In the episode Puppy makes Cat hold out his tongue and say "I was born on a pirate ship." But it was a prank and when he did, he sounded like he said "I was born on a pile of shit." After that, he pranks Bunny, but when he says it, he doesn't hold his tongue out hard enough. Puppy pulls his tongue and rips it off, killing Bunny again. And after that, he makes Hamster say it after chasing him, and when he holds his tongue out, he says "I was born on a pirate ship" in a normal human voice instead of his high pitched voice. Then, he goes up to Donkey when he is playing golf and he says to Donkey "Hold out your tongue and say 'I was born on a pirate ship.'" Then Donkey says, "But I wasn't born on a pirate ship. I was born on a pile of shit." Then, Puppy keeps laughing at Donkey saying that, then afterwards, Donkey eats Puppy whole, then high-fives Cat.


  1. Puppy rips off Bunny's tongue and Bunny bleeds to death
  2. Donkey eats Puppy whole

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