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WHY WAS THIS PAGE CREATED? this page was created to show the world how much I know about rabbits. WHY DO RABBITS NOT LIKE BEING PICKED UP? the reason rabbits don't like being picked up is because it reminds them of being taken away by predators. WHAT'S IT CALLED WHEN RABBITS HOP AND FLICK THEIR FEET TO ONE SIDE? it's called a binky! HOW MANY BREEDS ARE THERE? there are SO MANY you probably not can't count them. WHY DO RABBITS NEVER STOP CHEWING? because their teeth never stop growing so they chew on things to stop their teeth from growing so long. I WANT YOU TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? 1. what is your favorite pet to have and why? 2. what is your favorite breed of rabbit and why? did u know? mother rabbits only feed their babies/Kits or Kittens once a day. Then after the babies r fed the mother will stay away from the babies so that she is not attracting the predator. Warning: after the mother has had her babies keep the male away from the female if not de-sexed. if not removed the male will re-breed with the female and that will make the female really sick. the sickness is capapul of killing the female.  

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