Sci Fi Guys

Sci Fi GuysEdit

Sci Fi Guys was created by the guy that made RAB, Jot+Jab and Farkman.

SFG 1 - first episode.

SFG 2 - Bungi gets a cold, and Lenny and Dudley go to the sexy sex planet of Sexxus Six to help him.

SFG 3 - Lenny, Dudley and Bungi try to defeat Satantron and save the universe.

SFG 4 - Lenny, Dudley and Bungi time travel.

SFG 5 - Lenny, Dudley and Bungi try to rescue lobsters from a demon.

SFG 6 - Lenny and Bungi try to help Dudley get laid.

SFG 7 - Lenny, Dudley and Bungi discover a new planet.

SFG 8 - Lenny and Dudley need Bungi's help to defeat a monster.

SFG 9 - This alien gives Lenny, Dudley and Bungi a Burfie (Furby parody) and it's getting into trouble.

SFG X - A mysterious alien from Planet XXX stirs up trouble.

SFG Xmas - Series Finale! Christmas Special.

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